Your home should be designed and built with perfection at its heart. It should radiate care and precision and should be the place where your dreams are fulfilled. Mimar was formed to achieve that perfection and to push beyond its boundaries.

Our clients expect excellence in design, service and quality. Each new project that Mimar is employed to create is carefully managed to provide exactly the result that you need. We take your imagination and make it a reality. We will make sure that every detail is attended to. Mimar takes all of the mess away from home renovation.

We are naturally curious beings. There is so much in the world that is new and interesting. We make sure that the newest technology is available to you to so that your home works in the most effective and dynamic way.

Mimar began in 2004 as a small company with just two people passionate about building and design. Since then we have challenged ourselves to make every new project surpass the perfection of the previous one. We believe in nurturing the talents of our team to make sure that everyone working at your property is of the highest professional standard.

More than anything else, we want what is beautiful. We want perfection.

Mimar exclusively serves the people of Kensington and Chelsea.

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to redefine perfection